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Have you ever changed Internet Service Providers? If your answer is yes, then you know how hard it can be to start over with a brand new email address, well not anymore, You Have Mail allows you an email address that you can use and keep permanently, no matter what! When you switch ISP's the You Have Mail system email address doesn't change.

Email security is critical, our system doesn’t allow your emails to be hacked or exploited.

The You Have Mail electronic post office delivers your emails to your new ISP address, receive your emails through your preferred email program, this means you won’t waste time logging into a web browser or have your emails stored online being a security risk.

Never need to change your email address again, view your email in your email program (eg Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple's email client, Mail, etc) even if you change Internet Service Providers you will never need to change your email address again.